P'tang Yang Kipperbang Review

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Boy likes girl at school, but is too embarrassed to confront her. Alan relates everything to a running cricket commentary (provided superbly by John Arlott) right up to the will he, won't he finale, when he has to kiss Abagail in a school play.


For John, the simple pleasures of the school cricket team are obscured — as the grip of adolescence begins to make things very confusing — by his often abortive attempts to kiss his classmate Ann. She, unfortunately, only has eyes for the school golden boy, but the upcoming school play may provide the solution, if only John can land the lead role. An early Channel 4 effort that now looks and sounds a little dated, this still manages to be a whimsical tale of the trials and tribulations of public school life that benefits from a few good performances, most notably Alison Steadman’s turn as a teacher, and the steady hand of David Puttnam as producer.

A little dated, but still sweet.