Prototype Review

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In the futuristic wastelands of Los Angeles, a wheelchair-bound former soldier volunteers to become a cyborg in the hope that he will walk again and capture the heart of the woman he loves, Lane. Unfortunately he has been programmed as a killing machine to kill Chandra, the last member of the resistance.


Trudging glumly in the bootsteps of The Terminator comes this draggy sci-fi picture that plays like a throwback to the Italian Mad Max imitations of the early 80s. Science fiction director Philip J. Roth sets his stall out in the usual post-apocryphal yob-overrun Los Angeles wasteland. There, the crippled Robert Tossberg (change that name) volunteers for a process which will turn him into in armoured cyborg because he thinks it will help him get off with a girl, Lane Lenhart. He unfortunately turns out to be programmed to kill, and his intended target is said girl.

Dingy visuals, murky scripting, vague characters and a lack of actual action renders the whole thing remarkably unexciting.