Prom Review

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As two high-schoolers (Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell) gear up for the biggest night of the year, school sadsack Lloyd (Nicholas Braun) searches frantically for a date.


The anticipation for one of the most crucial dates on US high school calendars has been a rich vein of material for movies for years. So most likely plots have already been tapped, and this Disney film doesn’t dig all that deeply. It’s a chaste, fluffy affair with little to lodge in the memory, heavy on life lessons and light on consistent entertainment despite a large ensemble and story strands involving romantic quandaries. But the tween audience it’s aimed at will enjoy the musical montages, the chemistry between nominal leads Aimee Teegarden (from TV drama Friday Night Lights) and Young Johnny Depp (aka Thomas McDonell) and the comedy provided elsewhere, particularly by a game Nick Braun as a nervy, date-less senior.

Not knowing enough for the Glee/Easy A generation and laden with enough Prom-movie clichés to have older viewing running for the exits, it's old hat. Still, the songs will bring a smile to all but the grumpiest face.