Problem Child 2 Review

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Junior's father wants a new wife. Prospective new wife has a child with even more problems. Problem Child Two. Get it?


Having disposed of his wife at the end of part one of this sorry saga, Ben Healey (Ritter) and his adopted son, the diabolically-inclined Junior (Oliver), uproot to Mortville - "divorce capital of the world" - where the elder Healey's presence is greeted with a lustful appreciation by the legions of single women beating a path to his door.

Among them are ex-Dallas starlet Charlene Tilton and Laraine Newman as LaWanda Dumore, the town's scheming banker and veteran of six husbands who has Ben down as number seven. But Ben's affections lie with Junior's bespectacled school nurse Annie (Yasbeck) who refuses to reciprocate on account of her moppet daughter Trixie, a brat of such monstrously hideous proportions even Junior may have found his match.

You can pretty much guess the rest as Ben, desperate for a new mum for his charge, agrees to step down the aisle with LaWanda, and Trixie and Junior team up to matchmake with the obligatory destructive consequences. No avenue of bad taste is left unmined as the screenwriters sink to increasingly and impossibly low depths in the pursuit of anything vaguely resembling a laff. Jokes come in categories marked "turd", "fart", "dead dog", "bodily fluid" and "food fight".

Although the piece de resistance, or nadir, depending on your viewpoint, has to be a chucking up sequence at the local funfair that puts even the legendary barf scene from Stand By Me to shame. Trivia buffs may find solace in the fact that Yasbeck played Ritter's wife in the original but the cumulative effect of this pointless, puerile sequel is so appalling it's almost amusing. Almost. You have, as they say, been warned.

Pointless, purile sequel to a not-outstanding film. Avoid.