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Israeli soldiers occupy a Palestinian family's home for strategic use. The father, Mohammad (Bakri), is determined to hold onto his house and live a normal life, but his family is torn apart as the pressure of the soldiers upstairs grows.


Some wars are less photogenic than others. One of the most thoroughly ignored is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a clash too messy and politically charged for most filmmakers. Full marks for bravery, then, to director Saverio Costanzo for tackling a difficult subject with delicacy. While the family are clearly the victims here, neither side is demonised in this intelligent look at the dull horror that war brings. The script is occasionally heavy-handed in laying out motivation and meaning, but excellent performances from the Israeli-Palestinian cast and a chilling moral elevate this to more than 'issue film' status.

Excellent performances and an important moral make this well worth a look.