Private Benjamin Review

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Goldie Hawn plays a rich Jewish woman who has recently been made a widow. Not knowing what to do with her life next, she decides to join the army, but little did she know how tough it would be and how unprepared she was. Once she gets there, she becomes to triumph over the people saying she won't make it.


A light comedy with Goldie Hawn as the rich princess sent to join the army, signalling such one liners as “Is this the only colour you do?” when surrounded by piles of decidedly non-designer green fatigues, and playing on her innocence among lots of guns, grunting and guys in uniforms.

Unfortunately, too many screenwriters spoiled the broth — there were three in all — probably all trying to keep their star’s image uppermost in the proceedings. Not much plot, but some good laughs in this female version of Stripes. With Hawn in one of her most loved roles.

This is arguably although unfortunately Goldie Hawn's most memorable role. For while she embodies the character perfectly and when the jokes are funny they are hilarious, sadly there just isn't enough to keep the film going and it begins to run out of steam half way through, with an attempt at a deeper meaning ruining the film.