The Principles of Lust Review

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Paul (Newman), a wannabe novelist waiting to find a subject for his book, is dragged out of his apathy when gonzo photographer Billy (Warren) crashes into his life and he falls for single mother Juliette (Guillory). However, Billy's hedonistic activities and Juliette's restrained lifestyle are at odds with each other, forcing Paul to choose between the two.


Best known for her gritty TV dramas (Macbeth On The Estate), director Penny Woolcock makes the progression to big screen without losing her uncompromising nature. The film has a raw, visceral power as Woolcock takes us to the darker corners of human activity, yet arguably has a greater impact when showing the emotionally turbulent relationships of its protagonists.

A gripping and disturbing ride, it marks out Woolcock as a major talent for the future.