Prince Valiant Review

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King Arthur is tricked into going to Scotland to recover the sword Excallibur. So he sends Valiant to protect Princess Ilene on her arduous journey to Wales. On his travels he learns of his heritage, and must go and claim what is rightfully his.


Chaotic medieval romp (based on Harold R. Foster's comic strip) following the exploits of Round Table knight Sir Gawain's lowly squire Valiant (Stephen Moyer), seconded by King Arthur (Edward Fox) to escort plucky Lady llene (Katharine Heigl) back to Wales while he heads off to kick Scots arse for swiping legendary blade Excalibur. It is, of course, all a ruse perpetrated by Art's evil sis Morgan Le Fey (Joanna Lumley), but sadly, such a promising, swashbuckly romp is entirely scuppered by some indiscriminate broadsword editing, thereby removing any fun the name cast might have had, and leaving a poorly dubbed, effects-lacking film disappointingly limp.

A strong cast is let down, by poor sound, poor editing and a lack of special effects.