The Prince and The Showgirl Review

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Carpathian Prince Charles visits England for the coronation of George V and meets Elsie Marina, an American actress doing a musical review at a nearby theater. Once their paths cross she is determined for them to remain intertwined.


Terence Rattigan's light farce about a Ruritanian Royal in London for the coronation of George V and his relationship with a sassy chorus girl is inflated into a vehicle for Laurence Olivier, who plays drawing room comedy as if he hated every minute of it, and Marilyn Monroe, who exhibits an alarming case of midriff bulge.

Olivier, directing as well as starring, was evidently driven so mad by la Monroe’s antics that he practically abandoned his career as a screen director. A distinguished cast of British comedians — Sybil Thorndyke, Richard Wattis — stand back aghast at the spectacle of two great stars who aren’t even in the same business trying to play off one another

The whole thing has a ghastly chocolate box look, cheap and brassy.