Prince Of Darkness Review

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Students battle against the pure evil that has lain dormant for years but has been unleashed by an unwitting research team.


There' s more than a touch of Dario Argento in a few sequences in John Carpenter's sci-fi/religious horror combo in which a tream of researchers unwittingly release the son of the Devil. But then, there's a touch of almost everything, from Hawkes-ish 'Rio Bravo' men-under-siege elements to Romero-ish zombie action.

It should be a terrible mess, and there are patches of utter incoherence, but the movie's gleeful weirdness and its adventurous blending of the two genres conspires to work.

Some of its ideas, particularly a fuzzy message from the future broadcast as a shared dream, linger on the imagination.

Gleefully strange sci-fi/horror extravaganza that will sat with you. At least for a while.