Pretty Woman Review

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Edward Lewis (Gere) is a rich, succesful man who's life is missing something. He pays hooker (Roberts) for this something before realising he was missing something else entirely. She, meanwhile, gets a sentimental and social education.


"We both screw people for money" observes corporate raider Edward (Gere) to greenhorn hooker (Roberts) in this thoroughly modern take on My Fair Lady. Initially, he's no more than just another trick but — shucks — lurve blossoms through a series of unlikely incidents, all shot in a manner reminis­cent of advertisments for hair condition­er. He learns a softer style of takeover bid and she learns how to give increas­ingly good credit card to a new type of client. Gere is still the raunchiest practis­ing Buddhist in the movies while Roberts, all minis and thigh boots, does a breathless impression of a '90s Eliza Doolittle in this lightweight designer morality tale packed with just enough style and sex.

Low on real social comment, this modern fable still has more than enough chemistry between it's leading pair to rake in the box-office rewards.