Pretty Poison Review

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When a young man meets a cheerleader he pretends to be a secret agent, she uses this to cause murder and mayhem.


How did it take three people to write this. It is truly terribly scripted and painfully acted enough to wonder how anyone could sit through 85 minutes of it. Fresh out of jail/mental institution, Grant Show is a misunderstood psycho who poses as a secret agent to seduce cheerleader Wendy Benson.

Of course this is alway the best way to get a date so the two get together, however we soon realsie that her fruitcake has far more nuts in it than his does and it soon becomes obvious that she's more interested in his ability to kill parents than his skills in the sack.

A complete washout, devoid of thrills or chills and saddled with some decidedly ropey performances. At least you can watch the original with /anthony Perkins which is far superior to try asnd take the taste away.

Turgid. Avoid at all costs.