The Presidio Review

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A street cop is forced to work with the young Military Policeman who scuppered his career in th Army years previously to try and solve the murder of his ex-partner.


A formula mismatched cop team-up movie, with grizzled Sean Connery and 'disrespectful' 'Mark Harmon out to bust a jewel-smuggling ring causing trouble in and around the Presidio, a huge San Francisco military base.

Connery plays a an ex-military policeman, now a street cop, who gets involved in a case back at his army base. He is thrown together with a young MP with whom he has an unfortunate history and the two must settle their differences to solve a string of mysterious deaths.

Connery obviously accepted this on the condition that he have a gratuitous acting scene (sat on the roof pouring his Scots heart out), while Harmon clearly enjoyed the idea of sex scenes with Meg Ryan. There are some good action set-pieces, but it's severely lacking in the villain department.

Formulaic but with a few good action set-pieces.