Pourquoi Pas Moi? Review

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A group of trendy lesbians and their gay male friend decide to come out en masse at a weekend family get-together


Considering the avowedly trendy lifestyle of its younger protagonists, this coming out comedy is surprisingly old-fashioned. Redolent of a boulevard farce, it whips skeletons in and out of cupboards without a shred of subtlety or wit, as an impossibly beautiful gay quartet stages a dinner party to 'fess up to their folks.

As you'd expect of the creators of a manga comic, the pals have suitably exotic, and quixotic, parents, but their revelations have a weary 'La Cage Aux Folles' (1978) feel to them. Amira Casar and her level-headed mother, Brigitte Rouan, are the pick of a cast whose acting is energetic but variable, thanks to the indifference of Stephane Giusti's script and the laboriousness of his direction. Amiable but predictable, chic but superficial, this is Almodavar lite.

Slightly laboured script and direction let down this otherwise amiable comedy.