Porky's II: The Next Day Review

Image for Porky's II: The Next Day

Angel Beach High is all geared up for their production, 'An Evening With Shakespeare,' when the implausibly-named Miss Balbricker ruins the fun, citing the bard's work as obscene. As if those kids needed the motivation to humiliate authority figures.


The best of the worthless series, with one or two funny scenes and an almost enlightened attitude to women, Porky’s II seems to gain it’s energy from the unexpected success of the quite frankly crappy original. The formula here is pretty much the same, with the authority figures multiplied and diversified from their brothel-owning prototype into a parade of loathsome individuals who are just waiting for their gross comeuppance. Come up it does, with lashings of humiliation, a few more laughs than the original and a creditable comic performance by Kaki Hunter as Wendy.

If only this film were a line in the sand, a cinematic apology and not the meat in a Porky’s sandwich – the third film is already in production.

Less a hangover of a sequel than a satisfying belch to rid the world of the original.