Porco Rosso Review

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Porco (voiced by Keaton) is an ace of the 1930's skies of Europe. He also has the appearance of a pig, and as such is somewhat gruff and introverted, making his living rescuing kidnap victims from pirates of the air, battling his nemesis (Elwes) and so forth.


Another animated treat from Hayao Miyazaki, Porco Rosso’s lead character is a middle-aged fighter pilot in 1920s Europe who has rejected human society and been cursed with a pig’s face.

The vintage planes provide the skydiving spectacle, but it’s a broad comedy with an elegiac edge, exploring themes of disappointed masculinity and displaced heroes. As such, it invites comparisons to both The Quiet Man and The Incredibles, while a sublime fantasy scene echoes A Matter Of Life And Death.

It's solid Miyazaki, although he has reached greater heights both before and since.