Popcorn Review

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Young Danny gets a job in his local cinema in an attempt to get close to Suki, the beautiful usherette. He starts to take love-life advice from the projectionist and the films themselves.


The cinema is the setting for this Brit-flick about a shy boy, Danny (EastEnders’ Ryder), who gets a job at his local multiplex. The object is to win the heart of beautiful usherette Suki (Hollyoaks’ Albert), but it turns out it’s her last day, so he’ll have to move fast. Projectionist Zak (Luke de Woolfson) reckons Danny should look to the conventions of the rom-com for guidance, so monologues about narrative sit alongside gags about lesbian soft-porn flicks.

On paper, some of the observations have promise, but poor delivery and direction mean they’re wasted. Only former child actor Kate Maberly stands out as a posh girl learning to talk dirty — quite a departure from The Secret Garden.

A well-meaning British comedy that fails to deliver the laughs – or the romance.