Poltergeist 3 Review

Image for Poltergeist 3

Staying with her auntie in a modern high-rise, Heather (Freeling) is tracked by the evil Rev. Kane, who pursues her through the glassy edifice. Can little Heather make it through her third encounter with the spirit world and what, more to the point, was Tom Skerrit thinking when he signed up?


Haunted Heather O’Rourke moves into a skyscaper and is terrorised by still more spooks. The irritating medium has not been dropped from the series, either, whose relative coup of landing Nancy Allen and Tom Skerritt backfires as they just stand by while the film as it goes straight to Hell. After the success of the first film and the woeful re-treading of II, this film had to produce something new (gore was an option, given the relative timidity of the first two, but silhouetted ghoulishness is still the most graphic this gets) but instead labours the same old same old.

Dispiritingly dreadful. Let us pray the title is true to it's promise and that the ghost of Poltergeist can be laid to rest.