Police Squad Review

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Detective Frank Drebin (Nielsen) is a liability unto everyone but himself. He cheats, jokes, and flukes his way to getting the bad guys whilst all around him suffer the fallout from his slapstick approach to policing.


The dry run for The Naked Gun came with the six episodes of this cult TV comedy series from the same team of Zucker/Abraham/Zucker. Adhering to the Fawlty Towers rule (well, halving it – there were 12 episodes of the Brit classic) that less is more, Police Squad retains its originality and it’s enormous laugh-count by calling it a day while the going’s good. Leslie Nielsen is in fine deadpan form as Lt. Frank Drebin, the most incompetent cop to disgrace the uniform, who gets his men with Clouseau-like good fortune. The cracks are wise, the slapstick is brilliantly timed and the foundations for the successful movie series could not have been laid better.

An insane shift in the rules of comedy, fusing physical ingenuity with hilarious, highly original wordplay that leapts out and grabs you from behind the deadpan performances.