Pokemon: The First Movie Review

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A new Pokemon is created by scientists with disastrous results.


There are those who love everything about Ash and his cuddly buddy Pikachu, collect the trading cards, watch the TV show, play the Nintendo game and are thrilled at the prospect of seeing their heroes on the big screen. And then there are those over ten years old who have no idea of the horror that awaits them.

The low grade Manga style animation has its charms and you get not one but two films for your money: the short film Pikachu's Vacation (terrible) and the main feature (slightly less terrible) in which the evil Mewtwo battles Ash and Pikachu for world domination.

It would be nice to think that the kids would take on board the heavy-handed moral messages, but more likely they'll be looking out for new Pokémon to collect, therefore fulfilling Nintendo's merchandising dream.

One for real Pokemon fans. If you're not with an under-ten, or have forgotton your checkbook with which to buy the merchandise, avoid.