Pokemon 2000 Review

Image for Pokemon 2000


How come kids get all the sequels that are better than their predecessors? First Toy Story 2, then 102 Dalmatians, and now Pokémon 2000, which is technically two movies in one: a 22-minute short entitled Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure, and the feature-length The Power Of One, the latter featuring some truly stunning computer animation.

Not only that, but young tykes are introduced to no fewer than six new Pokémons (which, judging by my two, is the toddler equivalent of being introduced to six new Maseratis) in the course of a strangely compelling story about the balance of nature being disrupted by an evil Pokémon collector.

Post-modern? Yes, definitely. Entertaining? Yes, surprisingly – especially for parents cynical about the whole Pokémon phenomenon. Given the success of the first film, a quick cash-in would have sufficed. Instead, somebody actually bothered. Who’d have thought it?