Point Break Review

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Young, idealistic FBI agent Johnny Utah infiltrates a gang of surf-loving, philosophical bank robbers.


"Young, dumb and full of cum" action extravaganza that features Keanu Reeves as an ambitious FBI hotshot — with perhaps the greatest in overblown, macho monikers... 'Johnny Utah'. Up against a dastardly team of bank robbers, The Ex-Presidents (who are terrorising the American coastline in between prolonged bouts of surfing and skydiving), he must infiltrate the gang and put a stop to their cunning leader, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), before the swine retires for the season.

Of course, the premise is simply a none-too-subtle ruse to get Reeves and co in wetsuits, but that never detracts from a lightning pace and some quite breathtaking stunt sequences. Entertainment "to the max" indeed.

The elements conspire to produce a superb splash of trashy, testosterone-induced mayhem.