Planes 2: Fire & Rescue Review

Image for Planes 2: Fire & Rescue

Dusty the plane (Cook) is forced to retire from his racing due to mechanic failure. His new assignment to forest firefighting duty is hardly uneventful, but can he adjust to the new life?


Planes was debatably one of the worst movies a Disney animation house has ever produced. Its sequel is a definite improvement, with better sight-gags, better voice acting and at least a little heart, but still trails miles behind anything produced by Pixar, the company that spawned it’s ‘world’, that of Cars. It’s not even as good as Cars 2. This time, Dusty the plane (Cook) gets the aircraft equivalent of angina and has to give up his racing career, so becomes a fireman. The plot is surprise-free and the animation once again TV grade. It just doesn’t feel like anyone passionately wanted to make this movie.

A solid voice cast (Harris, Holbrook et al) doesn't add much more than cosmetic touches to this bland animation.