The Plague Review

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Four friends of different ethnic backgrounds enjoy a weekend of all the drugs, partying and trouble that Englands capital has to offer.


Made for a measly £3,500, Greg Hall’s hip-hop take on La Haine is an admirable achievement. It may have its sticky plot points and Hall occasionally overloads the action to keep attention deficiency at bay. But the story of four mixed-race London slackers who fall foul of drug dealers, neo-Nazi muggers and the Bill, as they duck and dive their way through a typical inner-city weekend, has a freshness and a scally nous made all the more credible by the obvious camaraderie of the leads.

Less convincing, however, are Skinnyman’s direct-to-camera rap interludes, which often feel as though a Greek chorus has wandered into shot.

With its blend of council estate attitude, scally wit and hip-hop cool, this feels more like Lock, Stock and Four Smoking Bullet Boys than the British La Haine.