Any Place But Home Review

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A businessman's son is kidnappped, but the kidnapper's sister-in-law and her husband are opposed to the plan. They take the boy and the ransom money to turn it over to the police, but the boy doesn't want to return home, as his father abuses him.

Don't let the dark and uninspired sleeve put you off, this is not nearly as bad as it looks. Roberta and hubby (Mary Page Keller and Joe Lando) are skint, unemployed but basically happy with life. But their nerves and relationship are severely tested when Roberta's simple sister and Neanderthal-type bloke involve them in a get-rich-quick scheme, a welcome twist on the kidnapping theme with strong characterisations and a great turn from newcomer Lee Norris.

Flawed but works thanks to the plot's originality.