Pink Floyd: The Wall Review

Image for Pink Floyd: The Wall

Well, it's the album — but with visuals bringing the lyrics to life.


Although so titled to remind all that this is the movie of the stage show of the concept album by Pink Floyd, it is actually all about their former member Roger Waters — its principal author — his memories and his megalomania (with his lyrics instead of dialogue). Although shot through with Alan Parker's painstaking attention to detail, featuring a chilling lead performance by Bob Geldof (check out the shaving sequence), this will always be best remembered for the surreal animation sequences by Gerald Scarfe. That and the fact that it's impossible to be sure what the hell is going on.

Overwrought live-action sequences, surreal-to-the-point-of-bewildering animation — The Wall grabs your attention but doesn't know what to say once it's got it.