Pink Cadillac Review

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Fed-up Lou Ann has had just about enough of her worthless husband Tommy and takes off with their bavy in his treasured pink cadillac. She has no idea what's stashed inside. Bounty hunter Tommy Novak is brought into chase her down.


A big budget flop for Clint Eastwood a few turned out to be a direct-to-video release bonus.

It's a little overlong, but it stands out among all the other good ole boy crash comedies thanks to some offbeat humour, and the great central casting of Eastwood as a whacky, but brilliant bounty hunter and Bernadette Peters as his latest arrestee. On the road, they tangle with some Nazis and swap amusing banter.

Eastwood's Tommy Novak pulls some amusing switches on his victims, and even plays broad comedy very well, especially when impersonating a good-natured but dumb Nazi thug.

Half-an-hour too long, but still a fun ride.