Piglet's Big Movie Review

Image for Piglet's Big Movie

Feeling left out when Winnie The Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger and Eeyore devise a 'hunny harvest' plan without him, Piglet bemoans his tiny stature and gets lost in a storm.


Hoping Piglet's scrapbook of memories will help them find him, the rest of the gang reminisce over past adventures (including their expedition to the North Pole and building Eeyore's house at Pooh Corner) and come to realise that the smallest in their number is the one with the biggest heart.

The flat illustrative backgrounds are timeless, the episodic stories strong because they're pulled straight from the pages of A.A. Milne. Carly Simon's new songs are catchy and appealing, while kids everywhere will sympathise with Piglet's plight — left out of the group because he's too small. It's time to think pink.

Like The Tigger Movie — but unlike most other Disney 'sequels' — Piglet's Big Movie complements (rather than detracts from) the much-loved originals.