Piggy Review

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When Joe's (Compston) brother is brutally beaten, the mysterious Piggy (Paul Anderson) turns up, offering help gaining revenge. But who is he, and what's driving his blood lust?


Piggy is an avenging thug who slits a man’s throat, crushes another’s hand and kicks someone’s head until it’s squashed like a pumpkin in a blender before concluding, “Revenge feels fucking good.” Well, it sounds better if you close your eyes: the pummelling noise could be friends paintballing (but it’s not). Why is Piggy (Paul Anderson) engaging in these violent acts? Kieron Hawkes’ thriller would have us think he’s helping Joe (Martin Compston) — the reclusive, Camden-dwelling brother of a man murdered by a gang after a pub brawl — to deliver justice. But there’s no excuse for anything here, only Joe’s pathetic non-existence emphasised via shots of him wandering around Covent Garden. A plot twist is in the post, but any depth or emotional currency has been grimly beaten away by then.

A nasty Brit thriller that achieves the impossible and has you actually pining for Danny Dyer.