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Adam (Travolta), an aspiring journalist, attempts to infiltrate a high-end fitness club by getting under the leotard of its most infamous instructor, Jessi (Curtis). Their relationship tries to blossom amid dance sequences, tight lycra, and growing distrust. Can love conquer all this?


Based on a Rolling Stone article about Californian aerobics culture, this watchable docu-drama stars John Travolta as the ruthless hack who comes to bad-mouth and stays to lay Jamie Lee Curtis, the awesome apparition in the leotard. It’s understandable to see He of the gyrating hips in such a mediocre potboiler (this was quite a respectable film, given some of the other projects he undertook during his mid-decade slump), but Curtis is too good for this kind of thing. She is utterly convincing and even, at times, compelling, despite the flabby script.

Rolling Stone Editor Jann Wenner makes a seamless entrance playing himself, too.

A gaudy, flamboyant expose that asks a lot of its stars, and gets more than it deserves.