The Perfect Score Review

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Six very different US high school students prepare to take their SAT exams, the multiple-choice test that determines access to the country's universities. As the pressures begin to mount, they hatch a plan to steal the answers in order to achieve their target scores.


The trouble with reviewing teen movies is that itÆs difficult to apply the same yardstick that is used to appraise ægrown-upÆ films. Generally, teen movies that surpass the age boundaries are considered more highly. This MTV production, however, is so precisely aimed at its target market that it may as well have hung up an æadultz keep outÆ sign. ThereÆs no doubt that The Perfect Score is a fun-filled comedy adventure that possesses a mainly talented cast (particularly Johansson, who made this pre-Lost In Translation). The sticking point is a proverbial plot composed of a collection of clichÚd scenes and sentiments, which would have been much improved with an intensification of realism. The pace is unswervingly nippy, in that oh-so-slick MTV stylee, but audiences can still connect the dots of the story quicker than it can emerge on-screen. The cast do an adequate job with their thread-like characters (an A-grade collection of stereotypes), but the final outcome of each is hardly surprising. If this is what the kids are into nowadays, then so be it. But this ainÆt no Goonies and it sure as hell isnÆt The Breakfast Club.

For its target teen audience, itÆs a decent enough movie. But if youÆre old enough to have already endured your school exams, then youÆd be better off skipping this lesson.