Penguins Of Madagascar Review

Image for Penguins Of Madagascar

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are back in this Madagascar spin-off. This time, our flightless friends must help an animal organisation known as North Wind fight off a threat from under the sea.


After the rousing Madagascar 3, this spinoff for the Antarctic avians is an average offering from DreamWorks animation. It’s a Bond-ish caper with submarines, superplanes and a funny animal cast, including John Malkovich as a vengeful octopus and Benedict Cumberbatch (often sounding like Steve Coogan) as a pompous wolf. There’s a March Of The Penguins-mocking prologue, plus good running gags and some rather adorable octopoid goons. The penguins themselves are as chipper as ever, barring a mawkish subplot about their weakest link having to prove himself. The action gets tedious at times, but the film’s amusing enough to pass muster.

The silliest spin-off this side of Elektra, and lots of fun with it.