Peeping Tom Review

Image for Peeping Tom

A film studio focus puller is obsessed by the lust to murder beautiful women and photograph the fear on their faces.


Now over 40 years old, this prototype stalk ëní slash chiller remains more disturbing than virtually every gross-out gore bore - with the exception of its partner in 1960 controversy, Psycho.

Michael Powell makes the viewer an accessory to the snuff murders committed by deranged filmmaker Carl Boehm, who forces his victims to watch their own demise while impaled on the spike of his camera tripod.

Otto Heller's photography is indecently atmospheric, and the terrifically sinister whirring noise of the camera is the work of Malcolm Cooke's talented sound team.

One of the first - and still one of the best - cinematic journeys into the mind of a psychopath.