Patti Smith: Dream Of Life Review

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Documentary mementos of the life of punk rock pioneer Patti Smith


Pepper with memories, archive footage and snapshots, this sedate stroll through Patti Smith’s life plays like a trip into someone’s box of keepsakes. Sebring’s drifting tone might leave you bemused, but take it as it comes and it’s a captivating insight into modern music’s godmother. The first half rambles along beautifully, with Smith proving articulate about her life and art, with plenty of humour and groundedness for one who was hailed as the ’70s’ answer to God. The move into concert-movie territory for the second half comes as a wrench, but it’s still a warm insight into a ’70s legend who — refreshingly for such — can actually remember what she got up to.

Fresh, funny insights into a '70s icon