Pathology Review

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Who can commit the perfect murder? That's the question each one of a group of medical students will attempt to answer as they engage in a deadly game...


Dr Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) lands an internship in a prestigious morgue, and starts hanging around with maniac genius cutup Dr Jake Gallo (Michael Weston). Jake gets involved in medical student pranks, whereby everyone in the clique murders someone useless and challenges the others to work out how they did it.

The gang also smoke crack while performing after-hours autopsies and shag each other among the corpses – pretty extreme even by Carry On Nurse standards of medical behaviour.

This far-fetched, lurid thriller treads weakly in the tracks of the German Anatomie movies, but keeps tripping over plotholes, as if two hours of deleted scenes once explained things. A lot of corpses get carved up through modelwork or CGI, but cat-and-mouse suspense is jettisoned by a script which quickly gives up cleverness to concentrate on butchery.

This puppy is just too deformed to survive long in theatres. Best to put it out of its misery.