Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Review

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While filming themselves, two California teenagers get drawn into supernatural danger. Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) gains a paranormal guardian and discovers a coven has him marked for possession. Hector (Jorge Diaz) tries to save his friend.


When the witch who lives downstairs is shot, likeable Latino teen Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) and his pal Hector (Jorge Diaz) poke around the mystery, filming as they go. Jesse falls under a demonic influence that links back to the earlier Paranormal Activity films. With an unusual lower middle-class Hispanic milieu and a more hectic plot than earlier films, this is a literal change of pace for the series... even if it also takes us, in the end, back where we started. Directed by regular PA screenwriter Christopher Landon, and nicely acted by fresh faces.

Better than your average Part 5, this delivers enough scares and twists to satisfy longtime fans.