Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Review

Image for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The Fleeges, including dad (Murray), mum (Shaw) and munchkin (Ivy George), move into a new mansion. Little do they know that within is contained all manner of CCTV-enhanced spookery.


A new family move into a house built on the site where the two creepy little girls were brought up in the earlier Paranormal Activity sequels and find a trick camera which seems to capture spirits invisible to the naked eye. Their adorable little girl starts talking to the unseen ‘Tobi’, and everything goes to Hell in the expected manner. This fifth or sixth go-round with the premise suffers from the most annoying hauntees yet and having to cope with a hopeless tangle of story-so-far but earns a grudging extra star for its sparing deployment of old-school 3D trickery to get random scares.

An empty-headed sixquel that conjures up a scare or two.