Paradise Lost Review

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A group of American and Australian tourists find themselves at first enchanted and then terrorised by locals in Brazilian paradise.


Tapping into the same kind of backpacking paranoia/borderline xenophobia harnessed by the likes of Hostel and Wolf Creek, Paradise Lost sees an attractive bunch of Brits, Americans and an Aussie terrorised by locals in Brazil. After a bus crash, they wander into a mini-paradise of beach, booze and beautiful babes, only to be robbed and lead into the jungle - and the clutches of some very nasty people.

The heaven-before-hell scenes are enjoyable, recalling The Beach in their depiction of naïve partying tourists blissfully unaware of the dangers ahead. But horror fans may find the hell segment unusually short-lived – if undeniably gruesome. This is all about build-up and attempted escape, much of which takes place in and under water, true to Into The Blue director Stockwell’s style. Visually pleasing, then, but rarely terrifying.

While perfectly watchable, this isn’t twisted enough to thrill fans of Hostel’s brand of sado-horror, and Stockwell’s direction is still more confident underwater than it is on dry land.