Paradise Hawaiian Style Review

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Elvis flies a helicopter, sings a few songs and meets some ladies. Some fellas have all the luck.


Elvis is a humble helicopter pilot in picturesque, colourful - yes I - Hawaii, and he has to sing to make ends meet and sort out his problems.

His main problem is getting off with prim, demure, down-to-earth Suzanna Leigh and avoiding the temptation of wild, sexy, uninhibited Marianna Hill Along the way, he gets into a fight with bullies, pals around with a cute set of oriental twins who ought to be killed, and sings one terrific, classic number (actually, they'd run out by now, so the songs are all forgettable pieces of fluff like Queenie Wahini's Papaya, Drums Of The Islands and Scratch My Back) as he goes.

The kind of film best watched while you're doing something else.