The Pact Review

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A young woman's (Lotz) efforts to get to grips with her past in the wake of her mother's death leads her back to her childhood home. Unhappy memories soon spill over into something altogether more sinister...


Annie (Caity Lotz) returns to the drab home she grew up in for her mother’s funeral, only to find her sister and cousin have disappeared and that an invisible presence (or two) haunts the ordinary house. As Annie tries to find out what has happened, the cops treat her with suspicion, and a frail medium (Haley Hudson) issues unheeded warnings of danger. Writer-director Nicholas McCarthy makes a strong feature debut with this effective ghost/mystery story which doesn’t feel a need to over-explain things, has a great central performance from the likely-to-be-heard-of-again Lotz and contrives a couple of good sudden apparition scares and one terrific heart-punch shock.

Smart and effective, Nicholas McCarthy's film does a solid job eliciting real scares.