P2 Review

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A young executive is pursued by a psycho security guard after being locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve.


P2 co-writer Alexandre Aja made stylish French slasher Switchblade Romance, released on its home turf as Haute Tension. Our suggestion for the French title of P2, directed by his ami Franck Khalfoun? Sans Tension. The set-up sees executive Nichols trapped in the office car park by Bentley’s deranged security man. But rather than play on our fears of empty night-time car parks, Khalfoun’s more concerned with wringing distress from Nichols’ captivity at the hands of a lonely nutter. Which might have worked had a spaz-out Bentley not thought he was in a comedy. Khalfoun, meanwhile, seems unafraid to ditch logic for the sake of a gag: note Bentley’s Rottweiler, which disappears for a good 20 minutes.

Unscary, uninteresting tosh from people who should know better.