Overkill: The Aileeb Wuornos Story Review

Image for Overkill: The Aileeb Wuornos Story

Based on the true story of hitch-hiking prostitute Aileen Wuornos who killed a number of her mainly truck-driving clients.


Given that a TV movie re-enactment of any gruesome crime has now become part of the judicial process, this gritty and unglamorised recreation of the case of allegedly the first female serial killer is watchable, if hardly in a league with Badlands or Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer. Hitch-hiking hooker Aileen Wuornos (Jean Smart) occasionally pumps her tricks full of bullets, but the film spends less time on her murder spree than on her dim-witted best friend (Park Overall) slowly catching on while Brion James, in a rare sensitive good guy role, does sterling sleuth work.

The film opens like a really out-of-control Thelma & Louise, but too frequently drops in lumps of oversimplified melodrama and never quite comes up with a reason beyond prurience for actually being made.