Overcoming Review

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Breaks and brakes for the Danish entrants in the fiercely competitive Tour De France.


Lance Armstrong has lived a life that a made-for-TV movie would blush to tell. Unfortunately, this isn’t his story, although the American champ does pop up in a few frames. Instead, we’re offered a from-the-inside look at Danish Team CSC’s experiences during the 2004 Tour De France. Broken bones combine with psychological pressures as team boss Riis puts his riders through their paces.

We’re told he’s ripping up the rulebook, but it’s not clear exactly what his innovations are. In fact, unless you follow the sport, it’s difficult to even work out who’s who. The split screens, mixed visual styles and tacky lines of onscreen text make this less an engrossing sports documentary than a calling card for Gislason’s video-editing suite.

Pretty but unengrossing, you'd be better off waiting for the Lance Armstrong version.