Overboard Review

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A screwball comedy where a rich but not very nice woman falls, surprisingly, overboard her boat and floats down river. When she regains consciousness it transpires she has amnesia, at the same time as meeting carpenter Kurt Russell who tells her that she is actually his wife.


A delightful thirties-style romantic comedy, with Hawn as a rich-bitch who falls off her boat and loses her memory — only to be claimed by carpenter Russell, who misleads her into believing she is his wife and mother to his unruly kids. Meanwhile, Hawn’s real husband is enjoying his newfound freedom, with no intention of getting his missus back.

Russell is terrific as the childlike handyman, Soap’s Katharine Helmond is superb as Hawn’s pampered mommy, while Hawn herself has her best role to date as the spoiled heiress who has to put up with children-from-hell, a walking washing machine and a decidedly less-than-palatial home. Funny, romantic and lovely.

A classic screwball comedy that draws its inspiration from the 1930's genre. The jokes are quick and amusing enough to carry it through it's hour-and-three-quarters. Russell and Hawn have fun with the characters which comes through and makes it all the funnier.