Outlaw Review

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Five stories interweave to examine what happens when victims of crime take the law into their own hands.


Nick Love, director of the Football Factory and The Business, has always had a love of geezers, but they’ve previously had a few redeeming features to counter their thuggishness. In this appallingly simple-minded film, however, Love portrays violent vigilantism as heroism, as a group of men who feel let down by the authorities take the law into their own hands.

It’s a volatile set-up with interesting questions to answer, but quickly descends into a sickening sludge of childish politics, brutality and creative swearing. To have such a bold statement hit home Love needed to ensure all the details were impeccable, but frequent clunkers in the script and a fanciful take on the realities of the media make a pathetic, boorish rant.

The kind of film the tabloids will call to ban. Don't take that as a reason to see it.