One For The Road Review

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Jimmy, Paul, Richard and Mark meet on a rehabilitation course for drink drivers. Jimmy is desperate to sell his late father's business; Paul is a failing salesman; Richard is a retired millionaire and Mark is a taxi driver with a weakness for weed.


If Shane Meadows had madeGlengarry Glen Ross, it might have come out a little something like this. Similar to David Mamet's acclaimed play (filmed by James Foley), writer-director Chris Cooke's feature debut takes a hard look at the lives of men, salesmen for the most part, at the point they're going rapidly down the tubes.

It's a premise that makes for potentially bleak viewing, but Cooke's film, like those of his Nottingham neighbour Meadows, is shot through with vivid regional characterisations, familiar as they may be, from which much humour is derived thanks to a reliable cast of recognisable TV faces.

The story centres on a group of convicted drink drivers who meet at a rehabilitation course where three of them scheme to rip off a rich fourth.

A slender plot takes a back seat to the enjoyable interplay among the company of these used-up men.