One Nite In Mongkok Review

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A hired killer, searching for his lost girlfirend, is hired for a revenge killing in a criminal gang war and forms an unlikely alliance with a young hooker looking for a way out.


A Hong Kong crime movie which mixes that both-sides-of-the-fence feel of Infernal Affairs, as opposing cop and crook factions scheme against each other and cope with their own loose cannons, with the innocent-in-a-bad-city-has-a-busy-night After Hours sub-genre. When a gangster’s son is killed in a car chase, a hit-man (Wu) is hired in from the mainland. Thanks to the gutlessness of a jelly-like criminal fixer, the cops are onto the killer from the start. He turns out to be a decent youth looking for his lost girlfriend and allies with a perky hooker (Cheung) who is trying to finance a life back home. It’s complicated, if a bit pat in its ultimate morality, but director Derek Yee expertly manages difficult segues from fish-out-of-water bittersweet comedy to very bloody bullet and battering action

Satisfying mix of sentiment and slaughter on the mean streets of Kowloon.