One Last Chance Review

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Determined to get himself out of his one-horse home town of Tullybridge, Fitz needs hard cash - and fast.


It'll cost a grand to get his dad into a retirement home; it'll cost the same to appease hard man Big John (Cosmo) after a grocery van 'war' with a neighbouring village. But when Fitz (Sives) and his mates, Seany (McKidd) and Nellie (Robertson), find a gold nugget, the farce only escalates.

Writer-director Svaasand's debut (exec produced by Dougray Scott, who takes a cameo) lacks the naturally quirky charm of Gregory's Girl or Local Hero and needs a bit more drive to push the disparate plot elements together. But the backdrop of Scottish oddballs (including a curling club with near-Masonic initiation rites) and Sives' warmly likable performance give it some heart.

More for fans of Monarch Of The Glen than the Lock, Stock school.