One Good Turn Review

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Matt, a home arcade games programmer runs into an old acquaintance who saved his life years earlier from a burning automobile. The rescuer, Simon, is down on his luck, living like a bum. The grateful Matt feels obligated to help Simon, so he takes him into his home and gets him a job in the mail room of his company. However, what Matt doesn't know is it was no accident running into Simon, and Simon has an old score to settle with Matt, going all the way back to the night Simon saved Matt's life.


Terse but tacky reworking of the Pacific Heights/Single White Female premise of the pitfalls of inviting a psycho into your home. War veteran (Lenny Von Dohlen) bumps into a former comrade (James Remar) who saved his skin in Panama. He returns the favour by setting him up with a decent job, not realising just how seriously loopy he has become. Engaging enough but ultimately it runs out of imagination and flair long before the hammy conclusion. HH PM
T Pontiac Moon 12 (CIC)
As Neil Armstrong hurtles towards the moon, an eccentric professor and his son crank up their old car and take to the road, aiming to up the mileage on their mileometer so it’s the same as the Apollo’s. This blending of the historical and the personal is mildly provocative and fairly entertaining, even if Ted Danson is woefully miscast as said wacky prof.

Unoriginal yet totally enjoyable.