One Eyed Jacks Review

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Dad Longworth and his partner Rio rob a bank, but Dad takes the gold leaving his partner to be captured by the law. In the years that followed Dad has become a respectable Sheriff, but Rio escapes from jail and comes hunting for revenge.


The source of Brando's compellingly weird directorial debut is Charles Nieder's novel, The Authentic Death Of Hendry Jones, with Brando as a man vowing revenge upon the bank robber accomplice (Maiden) who betrayed him, causing him to spend five years in a Mexican prison, eventually tracking his quarry to Monterey where the ex-outlaw partner is now an upstanding citizen, proud father and the town's sheriff.

Brando is at his moody best, Maiden and Pellicer provide excellent support, and the visual artistry, supplied by Charles Lang, — the shots of the Monterey coastline are truly breathtaking — is stunning, all make for a winning combination.

This revenge western is a remarkably powerful package.